Your fulfilment at work is
a source of joy for you and for others!


Whether it is career changes or new challenges in organizations, our transitions open us to the greatest learning and success. Take advantage of the uncertainty and the energy of change!



Consultant & Coach

Consultant & Coach

MBA, 13 years of Management experience in large companies.

I am building my coaching practice on a first international management career of 13 years in large companies, based in China, Singapore and Brussels. I hold positions of: Marketing Manager Asia-Pacific, Deputy Global Business Development & Licensing Manager, General Manager.



Since 2002, LedoubleCoach has had the mission of inducing performance and fulfilment at work and supporting the Manager throughout his career towards professional fulfillment. Each coaching journey is a benevolent journey of exploration, goal- and growth-oriented, and rich in discoveries and actions by the coachee.

Career coaching

Career transition, career change, reorientation, internal mobility

 Your professional itinerary is unique. 

And the questioning you have about your career is worth gold! It is the foundation for your successful professional development. Valorize it!

 Who is career coaching for? 

Career coaching is for anyone who wants to bring a change and a new perspective to their professional development.

It is for the manager in the company who is considering a reorientation, a career change or simply to take stock of his professional situation. Career coaching is for the unemployed person or in notice period, who wants to rebound. Or for the freelancer who wants to start a new project.

 Orientation scolaire et professionnelle pour les jeunes 18-25 ans ! 

Pas toujours simple pour toi l'étudiant de choisir une orientation d'études ou un métier ! Tu n'as pas d'intérêt vraiment précis, ou alors tout t'intéresse, par où commencer ? Ou tu hésites entre diverses pistes: " Comment savoir si cela va me plaire réellement ou correspondre à ce que je suis ? Comment choisir ?" Ou après une année d'études échouée, " quelle direction prendre à présent ? " Ces questions sont importantes pour ton avenir et ca discute en famille !

 What career issues arise? 

Our work may raise questions about motivation, meaning, life balance or relationships with others. Career questions affect our identity, our values, our capacities, our vision. Here are some questions from my clients:

  • I would like to have a clearer vision of the next step in my career.
  • How do I redo my CV so that it is striking?
  • I’m not convinced that I will achieve my true aspirations in my current job. I would like to optimize my professional future.
  • What is my market value and what makes me different from others?
  • The relationship with my boss is difficult. It takes a lot of energy from me. How to bounce back?
  • I don't I feel like I'm in the right place in my work environment.
  • I've been thinking for weeks but I'm stuck.
  • I need a change! But which way to go?
  • Am I "transferable" to another function, another department, or to another sector?
  • How to regain motivation at work?
  • I've seen and I know what I don't want anymore. I'm not sure what I want now.
  • What are my other professional options?
  • My job search efforts are not working.
  • The idea of interviews paralyzes me. I want to prepare for my job interviews and be effective.

A person in professional questioning can get bogged down for weeks without finding a satisfactory outcome. Yet these questions are legitimate and meaningful for its progress. They can be really valued through a targeted and goal-oriented coaching program.

 Advantages and Benefits of Career Coaching. 

The added value of a coaching journey is reflected in concrete help on your professional assets and in the creation of a virtuous circle to promote these assets throughout the transition process. Each coaching request is specific. Essentially, the goal is to explore with you the pillars of your transition and align your assets to your next professional step.

The virtuous circle of transition

Your assets in career transition

At each step of the process to your next job


Valuing your real talents, those skills that are highly specific to you.

These forces that regenerate you at work and make you credible.

Take the opportunity of a transition to take an important step for you!
Questions about oneself take time and, by definition, lack the necessary perspective.
Coaching optimizes the quality of the transition time to your next professional step.

 In practice, how does coaching work? 

The first meeting: The first meeting is free of charge and does not commit you. We make the connection between us. Together we go over your requests and expectations, and define a program oriented towards measurable objectives. The duration and cost of the coaching are established from the beginning.

Coaching meetings: Ideally, we meet every two weeks in my office. I will help you to develop your optimal choices and the actions you want to implement. Sessions are 2-3 consecutive hours. Tasks in between the sessions are often necessary to achieve the objectives. For the coachee, the time of the process between sessions is at least as important as the time in session. The coaching meetings are confidential.

 How to do this? 

Contact me by phone, email or Skype, depending on your preference. Or send me your CV. We will talk together about your project and how we can best collaborate.

Corporate coaching

Leadership, Transformation, team performance, or Talent Management are at the heart of organizational dynamics!
Coaching values what exists.

Individual coaching and leadership coaching

Individual coaching focuses on leadership development, individual performance or relationship issues.

Executive Coaching

Even when surrounded by his/her team, leaders and executives can be isolated in making decisions with high stakes.

Team coaching

The level of complexity in team interactions increases rapidly with the number of team members. A team's characteristic is to move...

Internal Talent Mobility

In the context of career management, internal talent mobility is organised within the organisation, in particular to increase the commitment and motivation of managers, or as a means of retaining high potentials.

Coaching of organization in transformation

Organizations are transforming and engaging in major projects of merger, integration, reorganization, involving changes at various levels of the organization: strategy, corporate culture, activities and organizational chart.

About Us

13 years of Management

I build my coaching practice on a first international career of 13 years in large companies, based in China, Singapore and then Brussels. I operate career transitions with great enthusiasm and hold the positions of: 
  • Technical Manager China,
  • Marketing Manager Asia-Pacific,
  • Deputy Global Business Development & Licensing Manager,
  • General Manager
I hold an MBA (Solvay, ULB) and a Dr in Veterinary Medicine Université de Liège and Université de Namur. Very quickly, my interest is in human processes and their noble instinctive behaviors.

Success and pleasure at work

These 13 years of management truly constitute for me a school for collective and individual performance. They confirm my idea that joy and success in projects depend on people in interaction: their cultures, their routes, their motivations and their levels of development. In 1998, I embarked on training programs on mental processes and behavioral motivations of people. In 2002, I reoriented my career: coaching the Manager throughout his career path towards his/her full professional fulfillment.

My toolbox

I have been in continuous learning since 1998.

Here are my theoretical development references: certified in Enneagram and HPEI indicator, motivational personality profile (scientifically validated), certified HPHI indicator, vocational personality profile, STAR method, skills assessment, certified Master Practitioner in NLP, certified BBMC Mediator, Process Com, mindfulness, yoga.

More than anything else, the coach's tools truly at the service of the coachee are his eyes, his ears, his heart and his guts. Coaching is really about that.

Workshops and Group Dynamics

Collective intelligence is a powerful lever for growth and creativity in learning groups. For nearly 15 years I have been facilitating Career Transition seminars at the Solvay Alumni Association, and, before that, at the Career Advancement Program of the Solvay MBA. > See the Career seminars

As a lecturer at ULg-Gembloux, I taught Group Dynamics in the 1st Master's degree, with priority given to the management of effective meetings, team decision-making processes, power relations and conflict management. > See course synopsis

Trust and respect

The deep respect for each unique path, the pleasure of being interested in my interlocutor and having confidence in his/her resources, or allowing collective growth are the great sources of satisfaction in my coaching practice. Each coaching journey is a benevolent journey of exploration, goal- and growth-oriented, and rich in discoveries and actions for the coachee.

The most beautiful trip is the one we haven't made yet
Loick Peyron, navigator

Contact me


I am Past President, co-founder and board member of non-profit CAP-Enneagram asbl. Within two years, the team succeeded in launching the Enneagram Prison Project in Belgian prisons, aimed at inspiring the transformation of detainees through self-awareness, self-compassion and self-regulation. Another project was to launch in less favored schools a vocational guidances for young people seeking a positive professional future. At the local level, I became involved as the Collective Intelligence facilitator and member of the steering committee of a citizen association managed in shared governance.


Career seminars, Group Dynamics, workshops
Coaching Mandate Holder Solvay Alumni Association 2012 - present

Career & coaching sessions :

  • Les piliers de la réorientation professionnelle
  • How to prepare a professional transition
  • Team coaching
  • The inner game of Leadership …
  • Changement de carrière, suis-je transférable ?
  • Talent assessment - le bilan de compétences
  • How to write an impactful CV
  • How to prepare a successful interview
  • The job market and effective job search
  • Les leviers de la motivation

Coach & Faculty - Career Advancement Program, MBA Solvay, ULB 2004 – 2011

Group seminars, peer review sessions, individual coaching :

  • Career assessment
  • Ability analysis
  • STAR method and achievements
  • Career Objectives
  • CV writing & Professional Profile
  • Job search techniques
  • Interviewing skills
  • Salary negotiation
  • Induction

Professor - Group Dynamics Course, Gembloux Agro-Biotech, ULg 2006 - 2010

This course was given until the University Faculty of Agricultural Sciences of Gembloux was integrated by the University of Liège. The Group Dynamics course aims to analyse and apply group dynamics processes, particularly in the management of effective meetings, team decision-making processes, power relations, or conflict management. > see ULg educational engagement


Career sessions EPHEC , Programme PRODOC for PhD’s UNamur, Coaching of SME leaders - Coach PEPS - Programme d’Expériences Partagées vers le Succès - CCIBW Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie du Brabant Wallon Expert in Strategy small entreprises - AWEX Vice President & Training BNI Alliance.



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Consultant & Coach


Consultant & Coach

" Each coaching is a benevolent journey of exploration, oriented towards objectives, growth and actions. "

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