Career Transition

Careers are primary sources of happiness & fulfillment 


Career transition? 


Caterpillar, IBM, Douwe Egberts, AXA, Record bank, MS Mode, Eram or ING are recent examples of companies where mass redundancy programs may touch 11500 jobs since early 2016, twice more than in 2015. Should these measures reflect current economic reality in Western Europe, yet, we believe transitions should produce extraordinary paths for those willing to jump ahead.  


From the minute you ask yourself questions about Career change or career move, you have actually triggered a process touching identity, values, engagement, internal drive or meaning. And most of the process is often unconscious. 


Where do you stand in your career evolution? 


  • You wonder « What’s my next step in my career evolution? » 
  • How to write an impactful CV? 
  • You want to accomplish or resume pending dreams 
  • Am I ‘transferable’ to another Business Unit, another industry? 
  • You want to optimize your career path for the future? 
  • You are not sure about what really makes you different
from others? 
  • You’ve lost motivation in this job? What drives you in the end? 
  • You know what you do not want anymore. But not really sure about what you want now. 
  • The independent status, is it for you? Are you an entrepreneur, an intra-preneur ? 
  • How about Interim Management? Is it different
from Consulting? 
  • You want a change ! But don’t know what direction to take? 
  • You don’t feel being at the right place? 
  • How to embark a unique retirement period? 


A person in professional questioning can get bogged down for weeks without finding a satisfactory outcome. Yet these questions are legitimate and meaningful for its progress. They can be really valued through a goal-oriented coaching program. 


What are the benefits of Career Coaching.  


The added value of a coaching journey is reflected in concrete help on your professional assets and in the creation of a virtuous circle to promote these assets throughout the transition process.  


“I see career transition coaching as a fulfilling period of growth & expansion.” 


At individual level, it is about professional Alignment towards Personal Success and Fulfillment.  


At company level, Career Transition refers to Talent mobility. It is about Engagement, Retention, Organizational Development and even Company culture. 


Guiding managers through the steps of career transition prepares candidates to move in the best direction aligning talents, interests, personality, lifestyle. To win the best opportunity, be satisfied and successful. To position yourself for advantage in the job market over the next 3-7 years or more. 


Your assets 

Each coaching request is specific. But essentially, the goal is to explore with you the pillars of your transition and align your assets to your next professional step. A career coaching values the beauty of every track record and helps identify professional essence, unique patterns and coherence.


I help you define the limits of your comfort zone in which you optimally perform as well as explore your development axes to embark into a positive future.  


From there, I believe leaders & managers can roll out their professional track and step in the next professional phase with confidence and credibility. 


For the last 15 years, professional fulfillment is LedoubleCoach’s purpose. Guiding managers for optimal career choices and professional fulfillment. And aligning talents, motivation and personality for balance and success.  


Your CV 


I help you write an impactful CV. That is, an effective CV directed towards your professional future, not to the past. I guide you through the concrete tools and exercises to produce a professional profile and an attractive resume to position yourself for advantage in the job market. 


Your Job search 


I walk you through the concepts of self-marketing, Personal Branding, informational interviews and effective job search and help you to optimally address your job market. New market niches may need to be explored, adapting to the digital economy or circular economy to embrace the entire job market. 


For some, starting their own business or becoming independent are alternatives to be explored. 


Job interview 


I simulate interviews, roleplay and prepare for interviews that deliver an optimal message. Face-to-face interview is about impact, or about how you say things, how you tell your true story, how your non verbal communication aligns genuinely with the content. Credibility in interviews lies in you walking the talk! 


Overall, I believe writing CVs is an extraordinary exercise if you wish to increase your chances of success & happiness. It is about growing. Getting the job is a consequence. 



 Pascal Ledouble
Consultant & Coach

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