Team coaching

The level of complexity in team interactions increases rapidly with the number of team members. A team's characteristic is to move towards a common objective. Frequent requests for coaching concern the efficiency of the team in meetings, the decision-making processes, the motivation and alignment of a new team/new project, or tensions and communication blockages.

Team Coaching is particularly interesting for teams in regular work meetings, boards or project groups, focused on collective decision-making & action.

Team coaching makes it possible to observe the dynamics between people in a systemic way, rather than focusing on the actors themselves (individual coaching). It is the collective dynamic that prevails. Collective intelligence is a major factor in team's motivation and creativity.

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Individual coaching and leadership coaching

Individual coaching focuses on leadership development, individual performance or relationship issues.

Executive Coaching

Even when surrounded by his/her team, leaders and executives can be isolated in making decisions with high stakes.

Internal Talent Mobility

In the context of career management, internal talent mobility is organised within the organisation, in particular to increase the commitment and motivation of managers, or as a means of retaining high potentials.

Coaching of organization in transformation

Organizations are transforming and engaging in major projects of merger, integration, reorganization, involving changes at various levels of the organization: strategy, corporate culture, activities and organizational chart.