Individual coaching and leadership coaching

Individual coaching focuses on leadership development, individual performance or relationship issues. The issue of energy at work and the prevention of burnout has also become essential in organizations. In leadership coaching, we will distinguish between self-leadership coaching and team leadership coaching.

The individual coaching agreement in the company is tripartite. In addition to the coach - coachee relationship, there is the involvement of the prescriber, the person who recommends coaching to his/her collaborator, often the n+1, the line manager or an indirect director. The general objectives of coaching are set by the three parties.

And the confidentiality of sessions between coach & coachee is a guarantee of coaching success.

The coach works with the coachee in the development of his/her resources, the elaboration of his/her most relevant choices and the implementation of the action plan decided by the coachee. A session is planned at the end of the coaching during which the coachee reviews his or her learning, the results achieved and his or her expectations for the future.

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